Do you want to know how your baby will look? Will you give birth to a boy or to a girl?

Baby Predictor is the best baby gender prediction app here on App Store, because it allows you to easily predict your future baby’s gender and look, which includes hair color, eye color, skin color and weight. We have used the most modern design and technologies to create Baby Predictor – and it’s totally free!

How do we do predict baby’s gender and look? With the help of Chinese calendar method we can predict baby’s gender. For phenotype’s part we use biologically approved methods with approximate predictions.

Learn more about each method:


Our gender prediction method is based on two factors: the future mother’s lunar conception month and lunar age when the baby is conceived. Mixing these two values using the Chinese Gender Chart, we can easily predict if you are carrying boy or girl.
The Chinese Gender Chart, originated from Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 AD), is widely used all over the world to predict baby’s gender. It has been proved to be very precise throughout the years.


To predict baby’s eye color we use a two-genes co-dominance model. 3 eye colors are used in this model:

* brown
* blue
* green

Simply put, in a pair of colors there are brown vs non-brown and blue vs green. A dominance of one (let’s say, brown, which is considered to be the dominant color) copy of the gene over the other (blue, for example) means that the dominant copy has an effect you can see – brown eyes in our case.


Baby’s hair color prediction is no easy task. It is determined by the amount of two pigments:

* brown-black (predominates in black and brown hair)
* red-yellow (predominates in red hair)

Blond hair contains low levels of both pigments. These multiple genes from little baby’ mother and father determine whether she or he will have black, brown, blond or red hair – similar to eye color situation, where one gene dominates over the others.


Parents’ skin color helps us to predict how your baby will look. There at least 8 loci involved in mixing color pigments for newborn. Different loci contribute to the determination of skin color. Knowing what is the both parents’ skin color, we can predict baby’s skin color.


Baby’s birth weight is important factor that can tell a lot about her or his health. Most of the time, birth weight is predicted with ultrasound. But now there is a mathematical formula, which is just as good and can help you predict birth weight earlier than ultrasound!


It is important to know your future baby’s blood and rhesus type. We can get approximate – yet still precise – predictions based on the blood an rhesus type of the parents. While knowing the exact blood group of the unborn baby is not possible, we give you the most probable result.


Baby Predictor has some ads, And we want you to know dear user that developing android apps takes a lot of time and efforts and we provided our apps for free, so the only way we used to get some money is putting ads in our apps.

Final Words

We like to provide a good user experience to our apps users by developing free and quality apps, Enjoy it


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